Develop a “shitty client radar” for your WordPress business!

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When you started your web design company you fantasized about doing all day the one thing you love most: creating beautiful websites, writing code and making the internet a better place. Fast forward a few years: you love and appreciate most of your customers.

However, every once in a while you get a client that drives you bananas! Shitty clients can drain your creativity, make your life difficult and take a lot of your time. They are every business owner’s nightmare and almost everyone in the web development has an outrageous “client from hell” story to tell.

That’s why we need to develop a “shitty client radar” for pre-screening purposes and learn how to respectfully ‘fire’ a not-so-nice client. Over the years I have worked with many great clients, but some were just beyond reasonable. I have developed a set of tactics which prevented me from ending up in potentially toxic situations.

In this talk I am going to share some of my tactics and get you starting on developing your own “shitty client radar”.