WordCamp Vienna Wrap-up

WordCamp Vienna 2017 is over and thank you to everyone who joined us for two fantastic days at Vienna University / altes AKH.

Please take a moment to answer our post-event survey. It should take no more than 5 minutes of your time. We really appreciate your time and feedback and hope to see you again at WordCamp Vienna 2018 or at our next WordPress Meetup in Vienna on May 10th!

WordCamp Vienna 2017 Attendee Survey

WordCamp Vienna in Numbers:

  • 205 Regular tickets sold
  • 25 Sponsors
  • 23 Speakers
  • 18 Volunteers
  • 7 Organisers
  • Sum: 275 attended (2 Organisers were also Speakers)

“Conference Day” at #wcvie 2017: April 22nd, 2017

Photos from WordCamp Vienna 2017

“Contributors Workshop Day” at #wcvie: April, 23rd 2017

Photos from WordCamp Vienna 2017 Contributor Day

Speakers Notes & Downloads will be posted in the respective Session as they become available:

Thank you to Wirecard for being a Platinum sponsor

Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to Wirecard for providing us with their support!

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WordCamp Vienna 2017 Twitter Contest

Tweet to win one of 15 licenses of Yoast SEO copywriting training (valued at €199) !

All you have to do is tweet from your Twitter account during the WordCamp conference using both the hashtags #wcvie and #seo – and include something new you learnt during the WordCamp.
All entries posted between 09:00 and 17:00 on the day of the conference will be entered into a draw to win a license for one of 15 Yoast SEO copywriting trainings.
The winners will be announced during the closing session of this year’s conference and need to be present to collect their license.

Special thanks to Yoast for making this possible.

The small print – by entering the competition you agree to and confirm you understand the following:

  • The competition opens for entry from 09:00 CEST April 22nd, 2017
  • The competition closes for entry on 17:00 CEST April 22nd, 2017
  • The competition is open only to visitors of WordCamp Vienna 2017 and you need to be present during the closing session.
  • Only one prize per Twitter Account.
  • The prize does not hold a cash value and can not be refunded

Presenting our Gold-Sponsor: OSEG Open Source Experts Group

Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them, this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to OSEG Open Source Experts Group for providing us with their support!

With over 300 registered vendors, the Open Source Experts Group is Austria’s largest competence pool of independent open source providers. The organization strengthens the internal networking of the members and serves the realization and support of numerous projects, always with the aim of advancing the philosophy of open and free software development.

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Keynote Speaker: Luca Sartoni

For many of us in the local WordPress community in Vienna, Luca Sartoni brought us together. I remember at one of the first WordPress Vienna meetups some years ago being surprised that Luca, who had recently moved to Vienna, almost immediately started working to create a WordPress community in Vienna. Now I know better than to underestimate Luca.

I was able to ask him a few questions in preparation for his keynote presentation at WordCamp Vienna about WordPress and the opportunities of the Open Web.

Luca Sartoni is a growth engineer at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. He actively contributes to the WordPress community and co-organises WordCamp Europe, the world’s largest event about WordPress. He has a background in computer science, technology, marketing, and media. He is a prolific photographer.

Why did you choose to come to Vienna?
In 2010 I was offered a job at a startup based in Vienna, a couple of years later I joined another startup, and after I joined Automattic in 2014 I decided to stay because Vienna is conveniently located.
Why did you get involved with building the WP Vienna community?

Back in 2013 I was already involved in the WordPress community, volunteering at WCEU and attending other WordCamps. I realized there was no WP meetup in Vienna and I decided to start one with Paolo, who was already employed at Automattic and co-organiser of WCEU.

What would you like to see for the future of the WP project?

I’m very excited by the evolution of the Editor and the Customizer, the current two focuses of the current development cycle.
How can WP communities better incorporate sponsors and partners?
Making sure that sponsors and partners are well aware of the expectations that the community has from them. It’s not trivial to incorporate commercial entities and their practices within a community that has its own culture as the primary value. Sponsors and partners should be involved and educated, before just taking their money.

Thank you to TOWA for being a Gold sponsor

Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them, this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to TOWA for providing us with their support!

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Thank you to Rita bringt’s for being a Gold sponsor

Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them, this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to Rita bringt’s for providing us with their support!

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Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them, this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to Yoast for providing us with their support!

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Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them, this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to Multimadia.com for providing us with their support!

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Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to bluehost for providing us with their support!

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